Saturday, December 18, 2010

Scents To Die For

Yes that's right "Scents To Die For" a title most appropriate because it's true that most fragrances, perfumes and scents are carcinogenic and by using and exposure to such products we are literally hastening our deaths. I've for some time wanted to convey my concern about the usage of such products. Why aren't we being informed about the true detriment of using perfumes, colognes and synthetic fragrances that are contained in so many of the everyday products that we're exposed to on a regular basis. Take the time to learn the vital importance of breathing and what we breath and the necessity of breath. The air we breath. The many reasons for the dire necessity for purity in breathing. FYI. The purity of the air we breath is essential because it provides the oxygen that becomes the initial building block, a major component for construction of cell tissues, cell tissues that are involved in and form every aspect of our physical composition. Yet our breathing is compromised by environmental factors, compromised by inappropriate breathing; shallow breathing, breathing compromised by stress factors and physical handicaps, and breathing compromised by self-emposed factors; perfumes, colognes, fragrances, etc.
Most fragrances are highly abused and worn inappropriately. After continuous use and exposure to such products one becomes immune and larger quantities must be applied to benefit. It's downright abusive to be exposed to someone whose fragrance is so overwhelming that you literally choke from the smell; constricting your bronchiles and compromising your lungs. Imagine going into your favorite restaurant and eagerly anticipating indulging your senses into the aromas of the various spices and food fragrances when suddenly a bottle of perfume, or cologne passes by, or for that matter just enters into the restaurant. The scent is obnoxious and overpowering and for many it's literally a gagging experience. There are some who continue to appreciate an ability to revel in natural fragrances; the aromas of india, italian, cuisine. The clean fresh smell of the outdoors in the early morning. Please, in and for consideration of others when considering scenting yourself to death think about it.
Consider natural scents and/or essential oils for your health, wellness and wellbeing, and for others as well.